Why we do this 

We dream of new churches that will model unity and foreshadow Gods plan of a unified bride from every tribe and language and people and nation. Therefore we want to support a growing movement of torchbearers of Christ from all ethnicities through intercultural churches. We believe the church of the future will be an intercultural church because our cities will be more and more colorful and therefore we would like to plant churches that explicitly reach out to different ethnicities, bonding them together and building bridges with each other. We do see a movement of new intercultural churches that reproduce intercultural churches across Europe. People from all backgrounds honor God together!

How we do it

Our slogan says: following Jesus in a colorful movement. That is why we are looking for churches who are ready to plant an intercultural church. We search for pioneers who are ready to plant. We would like to see a national indigenous movement where we train those new church planting teams together. And then we support and coach them individually and collectively. We want to find out together how in this local context we can reach people and disciple them in such a way that they, in turn, start to disciple other. In doing this we aim for multiplication of disciples, leaders, communities, and church plants. Ultimately we aim for movements who grow because of the power of the Holy Spirit.

What we do

We will seek and identify a national catalyst with a heartbeat for developing various regional movements. This catalyst is someone with experience in intercultural church planting. Everything that is done has to reproduce discipleship at the core. And then leaders will train leaders. Communities will bring forth new communities. And church plants will multiply within 7 years from their start.

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Who does it?

Theo Visser

Theo leads ICP Europe. For over 22 years he has been working interculturally in planting 2 intercultural churches himself, and in leading a Dutch network of 30 new intercultural church plants. Right now as a pioneer he wants to catch the opportunities of this moment. Many doors are opening towards the UK, Germany, Sweden and beyond.

Rieneke Visser

Rieneke has always been working side by side with Theo as a couple. She is the person who has a welcoming heart to people who visit, she supports the work in many different aspects. Her specific passion is intercultural worship, through the website that is connected to ICP EU: Songs2Serve.

Marjan Groenendijk

Marjan is the office manager of ICP Europe. She is well equipped in intercultural church planting and organising things well. She takes care of all the management. She is also a MBTI and DISC certified trainer. Send an email to get more information on how ICP EU can help your team with MBTI or DISC.

Annet Landon

Annet is married to her American husband. She is very gifted in languages and translates many documents into English.



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