Theo Visser

Sara Mohi

Gor Khatchikyan

Harmen Westerduin

Purpose of ICP Europe:

The purpose of the foundation is to invest in helping to plant new intercultural churches in all countries of Europe that are open to this, with the aim to help people become disciples of Jesus who in turn will disciple others. To that effect, churches are planted that reflect the many different facets of society and that help people flourish by being witnesses of Jesus in words as well as in deeds. This is to be done in any which way this mission can be realized.

Policy plan:

The foundation tries to reach its purpose by:

  1. finding catalysts in different countries who in turn will equip others, train, and coach them to plant intercultural churches in a way appropriate in the local context;
  2. cooperating with organizations and networks that have a similar vision;
  3. all other lawful means.

Financial responsibility :

Click here for the financial report (2018)

Click here for the narrative report (2018)

Stichting ICP Europe

RSIN 857912288

Postal address:

Gaardermeesterweg 26

3077GT Rotterdam


Telephone number:

+31 (0)6 33846910


Theo Visser

Supervisory Board:

Sara Mohi

Gor Khatchikyan

Harmen Westerduin (chairman)

Neither the director nor the board receives a financial reward for their activities at the foundation